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About Us

A Sri Lankan company which serves all over the world with the renowned "Ceylon Gemstones".

We are a company involved in cut & polished gemstones industry in Sri Lanka since 2006. Currently we supply/export all kind of Precious & Semiprecious Gemstones to various countries such as USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, India, Europe & etc.

We collect rough stones such as Blue/Yellow/Pink/White Sapphires, Hessonite Garnet, Zircons, Spinals, Moonstones, Topaz from all parts of Sri Lanka.

We are based in a city called 'Matara' situated in southern province which is famouse for moonstones mines inSri Lanka.

  • Premier exporter of quality gemstones
  • 13+ years in the business
  • Staff with over 29+ years of experince in the gem industry

Why choose us?

We take pride in providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. All our gemstones are natural and finest in quality.

Our sapphires are not synthetic, heated, diffused, irradiated, filled or oiled to extreme temperatures.

Premier exporter of quality gemstones

We exports finest quality Sri Lanka gemstones for world leading vendors.

13+ years in the business

In the business for 13+ years with a highly satisfied customer base.

Experienced Staff

We have a staff who are very much experienced in gem cutting and lapidary work.


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The visionary leader who has 29+ years of experience in the global gem industry.

Prasanna Rathnayake